Organizing Binders

School days are just around the corner, and even with the widespread use of computers, paperwork is still a part of the school experience. Whether it is your homework or your subject notes – having an organization system to keep them neat and secure is a must.

Binders are perfect for keeping your paperwork organized. Whether your choice is the pocket binder for paperwork that needs to remain hole free, or the more traditional three- ring binder – your organizational paperwork nightmares are over.

Chances are you will be using the same notebook for storing your daily notes for several school subjects. The best way to achieve easy access and visibility of your different subjects is with tab dividers that you can categorize to keep the subjects separated.

Most binders have side pockets for quick storage when you are not in a position to immediately organize them in their divided areas. Make sure that you do not keep your paperwork in these end pockets for any considerable length of time as they will become dog-eared.

Another way to maintain the neatness of your paperwork is to keep your main binder at home, and use individual folders to transport your homework and notes to and from school. This will keep your papers neat and tidy at all times. Remember to empty your folders and organize the paperwork in your main binder on a daily basis.

One of the positives of using folders to transport the paperwork back and forth is that you will only need to have a 3-hole-punch at home. This will again require you to remove the paperwork from the folders daily.

If you are like me, your life is color-coded to make organizing everything so much faster and easier. It can be very helpful to color-code your folders to your tabbed dividers for quick recognition. Organize away with your new binder tips.