Leather Three Ring Binders

Three ring binders are important things to use when you are attending college or to hold important papers from the office. No matter what it is being used for you want to make sure that it looks professional. Nothing looks more professional than a leather three ring binder.

It is one thing to know that you want a three ring binder and another to find one that has all of the right features. We have listed two common types of leather binders that are perfect to use in the office.

Millennium Leather Binder

The leather Florentine Napa three ring binder from Millennium is a great one to have. It is designed to hold large documents and make them easy for you to read and look through during an office meeting. The interior pocket makes it easy for you to hold onto loose papers. This binder costs around $60.

Piel Leather Binder

Nothing is more professional than the Piel leather binder. This is made with naked leather and weighs around three pounds. It is designed with an interior zip pocket and an organizer. This will allow you to carry any pens and markers with you when you need to take last minute notes.

There is also a letter size notepad slot for those people who need extra paper at a moments notice. There are two full sized pockets on the outside that make it easy to stash extra notes. You can carry this around with you easily by holding onto the double handles. Expect to pay $100 for it.