How To Fix Broken Binders

Three ring binders are some of the most popular school supplies. They are great for holding onto papers and writing down notes. Most people will also purchase these for their business as a way of holding onto important documents or taking down notes during meetings.

These binders are designed to open when you pull or push on the two tabs on either end. People who pull too hard will risk breaking the tabs off or causing them to become misaligned. When this happens our first instinct is to throw it away and buy a new one. Instead of wasting something useful why not try to fix it?

Use the handle of a screwdriver or a smaller head of a hammer to tap on the top of the ring binder. Make sure that you do this gently or you will break it even more. Too much force will dent it or misalign it more than it already is. By tapping gently on the top and bottom you could help to realign it.

Another method you can try is to force the ring to open. Grab either side of the binder and apply pressure in a downward motion. Do this gradually until the ring opens and you can put in more paper or take some out. When you close it see if it was able to fix the binder.

If this did not work than you have one more thing you can try. Open the other rings (that are not broken) of the binder first. Now force the broken ring to open. Close all of the rings at one time. This should help to realign them all to the same position.