Custom Three Ring Binders

Custom three ring binders are a must for the student or the business professional. Customizing your binders will be beneficial for organizing, or just to make them look more professional, or classy. Unfortunately, to have them custom made is usually very expensive.

With a small budget and a little ingenuity, you can make your own custom binders to suit your specific needs. You may just want to customize the spine in order to advertise your company logo while your binders are stored in public view. You may decide to design a custom front in order to enhance your next presentation with a wow factor. Whatever your particular need there is no end to the different custom designs you can create.

Purchasing inexpensive three ring binders in the size that you will need for your individual purpose is your first step to the process of customizing. My favorite is the binders that have clear plastic sheathes on the front and spine which allow you to insert your custom copy.

You may find that the binder already comes with its own template inside the plastic sheathes, but if not, it is easy to make your own. In order to cut your template you will need to measure the individual sheathes from side to side and top to bottom, and then subtract ¼” all around to allow for insertion room. Make sure that your templates are sturdy enough to withstand being used multiple times.

Place your template on the back side of your finished product, and trace, in order to have a cutting line that will not show on the front. Whether your choice is designer wrapping paper, scrap booking paper, or a heavy stock paper for a custom computer design; make sure your template is centered so that the design you want to show is professional. Carefully cut your design out and carefully insert into the plastic sheathe.

Show your newly designed custom three ring binders off with pride, and treat yourself to a decadent coffee with all the money that you have saved by making your own personalized binders.